Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Way To State The Obvious

I am such
a fucking

Been fanning the flames
of my flamboyant faggotry
since April 1990
when I strutted from the caverns
of my mother's....
I'm never touching one of those.

My childhood is exemplified
by late-night espionage treks,
sneaking through my sister's side
of our bedroom
maximized by youthful perspective,
each step of mine garnering more
taut gravity than the next,
finally reaching the Holy Grail:
her Barbie collection.

In the fourth grade, I drew
my interpretations of those
beautiful, diamond-infested drag queens
that rained feathers and sequins
upon one drought of an existence,
the adults framing my tolerance
as a smut-stained abomination.

Now people ponder
why I'm so overt
with my gaydom.

Why argue with you
nostalgia-hemmed family friend
over the cultural significance
of the Barbra Streisand Album,
or freely sit through marathons
of 1930s Joan Crawford melodramas?

It's the kid in me.
Something lost for an era
in a washing tub
of middle school torture tactics,
heavy breathing
over hiding something
so natural.

And a few years of that
are damn stifling enough
for this gigantic faggot.


  1. this is one of your best

  2. omg! I just smiled wide when you said that =D

    thanks bby <3

  3. I choked on a sandwich when I read the "No cum included" line. Haha!

    You are right, I love your playfulness here. Although I don't care for Barb Streisand :P

  4. she's JUST...SO...FABULOUS *breaks down on the floor like a person on Intervention*

  5. I'm sorry. I haven't really given her more than a fleeting glance, but I didn't care for what I saw.

    She reminds me of Bette Midler's kid sister, or something. But I love me some Bette.

  6. see, I actually can't stand most of Bette's music lol

    gay icons have never been particularly mass-appeal, though. there's always one you either love or hate, no in between.

  7. Aye, true that. I think that makes 'em more interesting!

  8. There we go. Showin' some pride. Gotta
    love yourself, it's all you got

  9. Used to? Maybe complacent in?

    Really love these lines:

    "stomachs slouching over their pants so far
    as if to cascade all the way down to the sidewalk."

    Wish I had fucking written that. Damn. XD