Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two Weeks Notice From A Hispanic Rebel

What is the versatile autobiography
of this bountiful of rice
boiling in my American kitchen?

This crop of microscopic slabs of grain
that was the one edible source
of preventing my ancestors' emaciation

One of such few things
connecting me
to my roots,
those things I can't help but bleach
in whitewashed and rebellious peroxide.

I will valiantly hang my head down low in shame
at the examples of my flesh and earth,
"those National Geographic cavemen,"
all the time being the zoo animal,
being blindfolded and caged by
these "secular, American liberals."

I love this food
that I consume like a vacuum,
this merengue and bachata
that I so happily shake my ass to;
but nowhere did I sign up
for these commandments
that I was appointed
based on the location
that I popped out onto.


  1. This one reminds me of Maya Angelou

  2. thank you for reminding me of poetry : )

  3. omg you two...

    wow. I'm just super fucking honored by both your compliments. People like you make me wanna keep writing <3

  4. Where does the "hispanic rebel" come into play?

  5. Ah! I understand it much better now.

    Are you worried that you aren't "Hispanic enough?" I often worry that I'm not "gay enough."

  6. Ah, good! What was your epiphany?