Friday, January 30, 2009


Are you listening, God?!
Are you ready for the satisfaction of this moment?
Well, get ready for me to say this...I'm done fighting
I'm more scathed than the chip on an extremist's shoulder
I blame everyone else yet my reflection is made of crystal
I'm not of legal age and I've already lost my youthful spark
I shift with public opinion, even if they advocate murder
My hatred controls me all the way to my fingertips
While my adoration stays locked inside my ribs
I reserve gifts for those who taint me the deepest
I am an exact replica of the dots in my radar
Every kindred spirit has turned to the opposite side once they were informed of me
I still plot the downfall of the girl who pointed at me over two years ago
I feel the need to purge pitch black during times of carefree happiness
The sun must rise right in front of my face for me to feel the power of beauty
It takes one thousand tears each day to sail my dreams

Last night, along with the tears
I found myself with two capsules too many.

But hey...I'm still here.
Can someone make my stomach still again?

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