Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Everything That's Meant To Happen Does

Again and again and again and again,
yet another "etc." sealed onto the end
of a line I was sure would cut off continuation

The walls are much more pale these days,
letting out yawns of feigned animosity
with a knowledge that they need not close in
to provoke exasperation--
a slight and aging slant provides sufficient

Outside, baking in the sun, the unfinished sentences
drag their soles along the pebble-ridden concrete,
stomachs slouching over their pants so far
as if to cascade all the way down to the sidewalk.
They can only toss parades for handfuls of newborns
that seem to multiply in handfuls of

It's been a glaring shade of winter.
Standard procedure,
with the exception of eyes drooping,
and the desire to escape from oneself


  1. I really dig the 3rd stanza.. great imagery.

  2. thanks =D yeah must admit I'm awfully proud of this one.