Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Creative Writing, Chapter One

For our first assignment, I chose the one with this objective: take a sentence from a textbook, pamphlet, etc. (basically any piece of writing meant to be purely informal and have absolutely no imagination to it) and turn it into an image that provokes the human senses. You were supposed to do three. I chose these:

1. "There are infinitely many normal distributions, each with its own mean and standard deviation."
The chaotic pitch of
the All-American babies
of your average neighborhood
is a seemingly infinite bell toll,
with each bundle of joy
compiling individual
windows broken per day
and standard aim for adults' eardrums.

2. "Charlotte Busch is a chemist."
Charlotte Busch,
I said MISS Charlotte Busch,
dons her lab coat every sunny morning,
her idea of a white linen dream,
pouring her preciously concocted acids and bases
as if they were the second to last
glass of champagne
in a career-long honeymoon.

She needs no man.

The name of her vocation speaks for itself.

3. "Please note: you CANNOT pick up any mail/packages for another resident."
Every formal letter
that I carry out of the typhoons
of supermarket catalogs
seems to always reek
of the same
post-apocalyptic diction
chilling my bones until
I'm back in this
George Orwell mind fuck.

That ice pick of a voice
speaks into the town intercom:
'You can
NOT <-- underline
pick up mail for


  1. This is a fantastic idea for poetry! "She needs no man" is a great line.

  2. Sometimes I honestly hate you for being able to write so well. jealousy ftl.

  3. oh thank you platzaps! nice to see someone getting involved in the Blogger community for once =)

    and PSH joe, hush!